Simple and effective water solutions for small tea & coffee speciality shops

There’s a wide range of systems dedicated to filtrate water. They all have a simple task: protect machines against the limescale and make a coffee taste better.

AKVO system was created thanks to the experience gathered in our café, where water was our greatest challenge. We wanted not only protection of expensive equipment but also to make our coffee taste delightsome.

It took a long time until we found a solution, that would satisfy our needs and wouldn’t be too pricey for a budget of Polish cafés. After four years of disappointments with various filtration systems, that was accessible on the market, we created our own system, that’s not only filtrating water very effectively and efficiently, but also gives the best possible parameters of both, water hardness and mineralisation, recommended for coffee and tea.

years of experiments and improvments
cups of coffee prepared with our water every day
filtration systems working in Poland and Germany


High efficiency of membrane, minimum 60 percent

high productivity – even up to 2000 litres per day

door to door service

intuitive calibration of the level of water mineralisation

easy exploitation – once for three months carrier delivers package containing water filters kit

repeatability – fluctuation of the level of mineralisation maximally up to 10 percent

Our assumption was to filtrate water in such a way so as not to change its chemical composition, what happens in case of ions interchangers. Interference into chemical composition of water strongly influence taste of the beverage itself. Water used to prepare coffee cannot have too many HCO3 –ions, however the worst enemies of coffee machine, kier or kettle are calcium ions.

Our system with the usage of osmotic membrane purifies water in 99% from all ions, and then mineralises it with the proper ratio of the minerals that can be found in your tap water.

Thanks to very efficient osmotic membrane and combination of both drivers and precise hydraulic valves we have created a small-sized construction with a great capability, enough for simultaneous work of coffee machine, coffee maker and kier.

It all has been done in order to be able to prepare a very good espresso, brew an outstanding filter coffee or an excellent tea in any café around the world.

Productivity of our system is in between 60 and 80 litres per hour, and its efficiency amongst 60 up to 70 percent. It means that during an hour AKVO produces from 60 to 100 litres of water with the maximum waste of 40 percent.

Competitive systems, twice as expensive as AKVO, achieve 50 percent lower results.

AKVO basic water tools is a mini project concerning water in the context of both coffee and tea.

AKVO minerals is a set of measured mineral salts. Inside six vials you will find all minerals that matters in case of coffee and tea taste.

How does it work? You shall dissolve the vial content in 1000 ml of demineralised water, or water coming from RO system. 1 ml of such prepared solution contains exactly 1 mg of the ion used. That gives you new opportunities to simply prepare water solutions for coffee tasting or just to brew a great cup of coffee or tea for youand your friends.

Thanks to the above described set you will be able to prepare solutions containing following ions: Mg, Ca, K, HCO3.

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